Why Permission to Offend?

What if you stopped worrying about offending others and started doing, saying and being exactly who you want to be?

Permission to Offend will show you how to do just that!




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Hey there!

I am Rachel Luna

Rachel Luna, author of Permission to Offend, is a highly sought after international speaker & Certified Master Neuroscience Coach to 6 and 7 figure earning entrepreneurs. Named by Forbes as one of The 11 Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs To Follow On Instagram, this former US Marine has a reputation for inspiring confident action and helping her clients double, triple and quadruple their income.  Her clients often referred to her as their “secret weapon.” 

Rachel calls herself a magnet for miracles because despite losing both her parents to AIDS, struggling with eating disorders in her teens and battling alcoholism and depression in her early 20’s, Rachel has never allowed herself to be limited by life circumstances.  Instead, she persevered and when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in the summer of 2019, Rachel tackled it the same way she does everything - with confidence, faith and love.

Within 30 days she was cancer free and today she continues to thrive, teach, and activate confidence in others.  Through her top-rated podcast, Permission to Offend - which has listeners in over 90 countries around the world - social media platforms, email list, courses, her live event Confidence Activated, and journaling membership - The Faith Activated Journaling Experience, Rachel is on a mission to help 11 million women step into faith, worth and wealth.

Standing only 4 feet 11 inches tall, Rachel is a tiny but mighty firecracker who lights up the room and galvanizes her audiences all around the world.  An international speaker, Rachel has been invited to share her powerful talks all across the globe from the US to Europe to Japan and has been featured in Forbes twice, The Huffington Post, Success Magazine and Latina Magazine among many others.

If you’re ready to return to your truth, own it, and live fully self-expressed without fear of judgment, rejection or defamation - so that you can step into your next level of elevation, Rachel Luna is the girl you call.