It's time to activate your confidence, elevate your business and cash in on the life & business of your dreams.

Become a member of this exclusive, three month Mastermind created for the smart entrepreneur who’s ready to step out of the hustle and into the CEO seat. For the one who’s ready to own her confidence & connect with like-minded individuals so she make an impact while creating a consistent, sustainable business with more freedom and ease.


There’s no shortage of ideas or possibilities on the horizon. If anything, you’re swimming in an ocean of ideas and you’re trying hard not to get caught in the current. Some days you feel the confidence of Wonder Woman and other days you wonder how you’re actually going to make all these big, ambitious dreams come to life.  

You’ve been craving community and connection. Connection with your audience, connection with like-minded peers, and connection with your vision which sometimes feel more like a blur than the crystal clear HD image you wish you could see.  

Most of all, you’re ready to step into next level consistency. Consistent actions, consistent success, & consistent revenue.  

You just want some support sorting it all out.  


  • You start working towards one goal, but then get distracted by several other things; all of which feel equally important and pressingly urgent.
  • You already have support, but they don’t seem to be getting your vision and at this point you’re starting to think you might be better off doing things yourself.
  • You’re showing up consistently, posting on all the social media channels, but no one is converting and the few leads you do get aren’t your qualified, dream clients.
  • You really need to rev up your sales but you’re not sure what’s not working.
  • You know you need support and should probably hire a team member or two, but the process, time and energy to train them feels overwhelming.
  • Every day feels like a race against the clock, and being able to add 4-8 additional hours a day would be your saving grace. 


You've got a lot going on, but there's a deeper issue causing these feelings... you don 't have a time management problem, you have an


This is your opportunity to get the confidence, connection & consistency you’ve been craving. Spend 90 days with Rachel Luna in an intimate, high-touch mastermind collective that has been carefully curated to lead you on the journey towards creating massive mindset and money breakthroughs. The result: more confidence, a supportive community filled with connections + accountability, and of course, more consistent revenue.  

This experience will prove to be the most expansive, collaborative, supportive quarter of your life to date.  

You’ll begin with a private, 1:1 Kick-Off call with Rachel, where together, you’ll develop a personalized strategy for your life & business. This isn’t a cookie-cutter course. This is a high-touch, custom experience designed to meet you where you’re at and help you create a roadmap for where you want to go. Each week you’ll have a group coaching call with your fellow mastermind members, as well as weekly office hours to pop in and ask quick questions. You’ll find support from your community + connection through our Slack channels, and midway through the experience you’ll get another 1:1 call with Rachel to review & refine your roadmap. All calls will be recorded and available to you for life.  


"You’ve been the best coach I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for being so real. I needed to be confident that I can really do this the way I want to do this. I’ll forever be grateful for what you’ve contributed to my journey."


"Rachel really digs deep into your areas of need, what you are weak in and what you are strong in. You will know who the right people are to talk to about your business after taking Rachel’s course, and believe me it works. You get special specific advice from her as to what your needs are. She will meet you where you’re at and boy will you work. The best money you will ever spend is with Rachel. Don’t hesitate at all. You found her for a reason.”


isn’t for everyone, so please read this section carefully. This experience is not for you if… 

  • You need, want, and require a lot of “hand-holding.”  
  • You don’t know what the terms “lead generation,” “landing pages” or “CRM” mean…
  • You have zero clue or idea what you want to offer the world... 
  • You struggle to take action…
  • You make excuses and then blame others for things not working.
  • You frequently say, “I already know this,” but you aren’t doing it (or you’ve done it once, got mediocre results and decided it wasn’t going to work for you). 
  • You’re a course addict who doesn’t do the work, never shows up for group calls, and doesn’t bother to listen to the replays.
  • You have high expectations for results but put low effort, intention and energy towards the actions required. 

This is the moment where you and I have an honest, heart-to-heart chat… 

If you read that list above and felt a twinge of pain because you could see yourself in some of those traits and characteristics, I feel you. I used to be that girl. I was all of those things - needy, uninformed, clueless (which was really just fear), etc. But there was a moment when I decided enough was enough and I chose to take radical responsibility.  

This is your moment to choose. Are you going to be “that person” who embodies those behaviors listed above?  

Or are you going to be the next level version of yourself? Because Activated requires you to show up as your next level self. 

Is for you if…  

  • You love community but also know how to get started on your work independently. 
  • Didn’t know the terms above (lead generation, landing pages, CRM), but quickly opened up Google and figured it out; because that’s what you do - you figure things out! 
  • You know exactly what you want to offer, or maybe have a little confusion around your offers because all of your ideas are so darn good! (we can work with that, boo.) 
  • You are an action-taker. All you need is some guidance and a word of encouragement and you’re off to the races. 
  • You do the work. If there’s a group call, it’s scheduled in your calendar and you make it a priority to show up. If you have to miss for some extenuating, beyond-your-control circumstance, you’re listening to the replay ASAP. 
  • You ask questions only after you’ve first tried to find the answer yourself because you are resourceful! 
  • You’re hungry, ambitious, and willing to roll up your sleeves to be intentional & get things done. 
  • You’re coachable, open to being vulnerable in a confidential, group setting, and willing to experience discomfort because you know it leads to growth.


Hi friend, I'm Rachel Luna, and I'll be your coach, guide, mentor and facilitator throughout ACTIVATED, THE MASTERMIND.

I'm a best selling author, internationally sought after speaker, and Certified Master Coach with nearly a decade of experience coaching entrepreneurs. I help remarkable individuals just like yourself get clear, confident and taking consistent action, so you can do those big things you were born to do. 

I've helped thousands of clients & students around the world through my book, speaking tours, workshops, live events, retreats and digital courses.  

Over the years I've been invited to speak all around the globe from Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson Spark & Hustle tour and Princeton University to as far away as Germany and Japan! I've also been featured in Forbes, Inc, Latina Magazine, Success Magazine and is a Huffington Post contributor. 

I don't share all these things to brag, but to share my journey and show you that I know what it takes to build a successful business on your own terms. I have a proven track record for helping my clients activate their confidence, elevate their income and at a minimum double their income. 

I'd love the opportunity to work with you and help you do the same. Join me inside, Activated The Mastermind and let's help you turn your life into an ATM that lets you cash in on the life & business of your dreams. 


  • (1) Private 1:1 Kick-off Call with Rachel to develop and customize your personal 90 day success roadmap
  • (12) Weekly Group Coaching Calls (lifetime access to recordings)
  • (12) Weekly Office Hours to check in and get support as needed
  • (1) Private 1:1 Midway Checkpoint Call with Rachel to review and refine your plan
  • Unlimited Slack Channel Support (M-F 10am-4pm EST)
  • (1) Optional In-Person 1-Day Group Retreat in Jacksonville, Fl in Oct 2019 (this is not critical to your success. It is a graduation bonus.)